Over 500 Views

We have gone over 500 views for the blog, 501 to be precise, and while this doesn’t exactly make us a monster blog, in my opinion it is worth noting as my goal was to generate some awareness of Civil War Sesquicentennial activity in New England and Western Mass. While much of the traffic is no doubt a result of my posting the link on Facebook, and some of it from search engine activity, a lot of it is from links to a few Civil War blogs, such as Andy Hall’s “Dead Confederates,” Robert Moore’s “Cenantua’sBlog,” and Kevin Levin’s “Civil War Memory,” all of them excellent blogs, which have kindly provided links to our site. I hope there are other local people and organizations who have also either linked to our site or make it a regular stop on their daily reading. If so, please take the time to comment on our posts, let us know what you think, or share information on sesquicentennial activity, events, or monuments of note. Suggestions for things to cover would also be more than welcome.


About marcferguson

I teach history, including the American Civil War Era, as an Adjunct at American International College in Springfield, Ma. I also teach survey courses in U.S. history, Western Civilization, and World History, and have taught at other area colleges, including the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, and Holyoke Community College. While my academic background is in European History, my interest in the American Civil War began about a decade ago. Other areas of interest include Modernism, 20th century World Thought and Culture, The Rise of the West after 1400, 19th c. American Society and Culture, Central and Eastern European History and Culture, and Local History. I have in recent years cut back my teaching drastically in order to devote more time raising my kids (15 year old twins now), including working part-time at their elementary/middle school for the past 6 years, they are now launched and off to High School, and I plan to crank up my involvement in teaching history and local history projects, particularly in light of the American Civil War Sesquicentennial.
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2 Responses to Over 500 Views

  1. Chuck Brown says:

    Congratulations, Marc.

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