Hunter Wallace – The Persistence of Racism, cont.

Update 3/21: I have reconsidered my decisison to not post comments from the crowd at “Occidental Dissent,” and decided that they reveal themselves through their words, and so will decide on a case by case basis whether or not to approve a comment.

Hunter Wallace, who hosts the explicitly racist blog “Occidental Dissent,” has a post about me (yes it is a first for me, to be featured in a blog post, an honor usually reserved for Brooks Simpson, Kevin Levin, and Corey Meyer, attacking me for my rejection of his virulent, hateful racism:

Among other things, he has this to say: “Every other Western country (Britain, France, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, etc.) is equally committed to the proposition that Africans are just as intelligent and moral as Whites and that racially exclusive public schools are racist and immoral.”

He is right about the commitment of these countries to the equality of blacks and whites, though while he sees this as a problem, I, of course, do not, and think that opposition to the pursuit of social equality for blacks is vile. Perhaps if Mr. Wallace keeps writing about me, I will be elevated to the ranks of those whose names are regularly mentioned as “haters of the South,” which of course would be ludicrous (I mean the accusation of hating and attacking the South, of course, though considering the source, would also be an honor.) Some of Mr. Wallace’s followers regularly refer to blacks as “subhuman… evolutionary throwbacks.” And because I believe that American, indeed all, blacks are human beings, and as such deserve full human and civil rights, that makes me a N***** lover. Nice, eh!

A reminder: I will not approve any further comments from the folks who are regular commenters on “Occidental Dissent.” I am tired of the racist garbage these people spew.


About marcferguson

I teach history, including the American Civil War Era, as an Adjunct at American International College in Springfield, Ma. I also teach survey courses in U.S. history, Western Civilization, and World History, and have taught at other area colleges, including the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, and Holyoke Community College. While my academic background is in European History, my interest in the American Civil War began about a decade ago. Other areas of interest include Modernism, 20th century World Thought and Culture, The Rise of the West after 1400, 19th c. American Society and Culture, Central and Eastern European History and Culture, and Local History. I have in recent years cut back my teaching drastically in order to devote more time raising my kids (15 year old twins now), including working part-time at their elementary/middle school for the past 6 years, they are now launched and off to High School, and I plan to crank up my involvement in teaching history and local history projects, particularly in light of the American Civil War Sesquicentennial.
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5 Responses to Hunter Wallace – The Persistence of Racism, cont.

  1. Murph says:

    How about you debate the ODers like a man? Enjoy your echo-chamber, coward.

  2. marcferguson says:

    Mr. My-t white supremacist, I think you would be the descendant, he would be your ancestor. Now, what did you say about my writing style?

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