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Battle of Shiloh – April 6-7, 1862

Brooks Simpson has some reflections on Grant’s generalship at the battle of Shiloh, 150 years ago, and while I am no armchair general, and am very reluctant to offer any after-the-fact advice, I think that Brooks’ comments and reflections are … Continue reading

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International Emancipation – 1862

We sometimes forget that emancipation in the United States took place in a context of emancipation throughout the Western Hemisphere. One of the best recent books that invokes this context is Stephanie McCurry‘s _Confederate Reckoning_, which I highly recommend. In … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Assassination April 4, 1968

On this day, April 4 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennesse. This must surely be seen as one of the last acts of the Civil War, and the white Southern resistance to Reconstruction, and equal rights for … Continue reading

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Remixing the Civil War: Meditations on the Sesquicentennial

This looks like an interesting collection of essays on the sesquicentennial, though a little steep at $40, though there is a paperback edition at $25, still a little steep. It appears to use Robert Penn Warren’s _The Legacy of the … Continue reading

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“Dixie”: Disunion Blog – NY Times

There is an interesting article at the NY Times’ Civil War blog, “Disunion,” this morning on the writing and acceptance in the South, as its “anthem,” of the song “Dixie,” ironically written by a Northerner, Daniel Decatur Emmett: “In a New … Continue reading

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Resisting Emancipation in Washington, D.C. – Donald Shaffer

One of my favorite CW blogs is Donald Shaffer’s “Civil War Emancipation.” What I like about his blog is that his posts about the war parallel the current date. Today he writes about emancipation in Washington, D.C.: “As March ended … Continue reading

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