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I teach history, including the American Civil War Era, as an Adjunct at American International College in Springfield, Ma. I also teach survey courses in U.S. history, Western Civilization, and World History, and have taught at other area colleges, including the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, and Holyoke Community College. While my academic background is in European History, my interest in the American Civil War began about a decade ago. Other areas of interest include Modernism, 20th century World Thought and Culture, The Rise of the West after 1400, 19th c. American Society and Culture, Central and Eastern European History and Culture, and Local History. I have in recent years cut back my teaching drastically in order to devote more time raising my kids (15 year old twins now), including working part-time at their elementary/middle school for the past 6 years, they are now launched and off to High School, and I plan to crank up my involvement in teaching history and local history projects, particularly in light of the American Civil War Sesquicentennial.

How Did the Plantation System Shape Labor and Race Relations through the 1950s?

Here are two videos that explore the Ante-Bellum plantation system, and attempt to make connections with the labor system and race relations in the 1950s American South. [hat tip to Kevin Levin, at his blog “Civil War Memory,”] I think … Continue reading

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Black Confederates, the Internet, and Historical Interpretation

UPDATE: In his post, Kevin also cites Gary Gallagher, from an editorial in “Civil War Times” where Gallagher comments on the black Confederate “controversy,”: FURTHER UPDATE: Historian Donald Shaffer, today on his blog “Civil War Emancipation,” in a post entitled “Amen, Brooks … Continue reading

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Levon Helm dead at 71 of Cancer

Very sad news: Chicago Tribune  Story What a great musician! Thanks to Andy Hall at his blog “Dead Confederates“

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Confederate Conscription

I am indebted to Kevin Levin for pointing out that today is the 150th anniversary of the use of conscription by the Confederacy. This is the first use of a military draft in America, and I find this deeply ironic … Continue reading

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Recruiting and Arming Blacks as Soldiers Donald Shaffer, in a post entitled “Working Out the Past and Portents of the Future,” wrote today on General David Hunter’s efforts to, in the spring of 1862, convince the lincoln administration to allow him to recruit and arm blacks in … Continue reading

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Erastus Hopkins House in 1904 – King Street, Northampton

During Hopkins’ lifetime, his house was known as the “White House.” However, it now has a red-brick siding, and the wrap-around porch is gone, so it looks very different. [photograph courtesy of Forbes Library Special Collections] Here is a packet … Continue reading

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Northampton Abolition Walking Tour – Erastus Hopkins

john brown obit

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