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Hunter Wallace – The Persistence of Racism, cont.

Update 3/21: I have reconsidered my decisison to not post comments from the crowd at “Occidental Dissent,” and decided that they reveal themselves through their words, and so will decide on a case by case basis whether or not to … Continue reading

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Erastus Hopkins Walking Tour in Northampton

These walking tours are great events, and Steve Strimer does an excellent job of tying local history to national events/history.

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Pete Seeger – “Forever Young”

Pete Seeger covers Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”: Thanks to Andy Hall:

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The Persistence of Racism

**Update 3/20 To all the racist trolls from “Occidental Dissent,” I will no longer approve your uninformed racist comments/rants, so please stop posting them. My apologies to my other followers/readers for having to put up with that garbage. While contemporary … Continue reading

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Methods of Emancipation – Donald Shaffer

Donald Shaffer, on his blog “Civil War Emancipation” argues that by 1862 the debate in the North was no longer over whether to free the slaves, but how to do so. Various suggestions included, gradual emancipation with compensation for slaveowners … Continue reading

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Emerging America

The Emerging America program is a great program for history teachers, run by the Collaborative in Northampton, Ma. and I would recommend it without reservation. Here is the link for the brochure for this summer’s program: Emerging America. What teachers … Continue reading

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Donald Shaffer’s Most Recent Post on Civil War Emancipation

« Lincoln Doubles Down Outlawing Army Slave Catching March 13, 2012 by Donald R. Shaffer One of the most consistently contentious issues during the first year of the Civil War was the relationship of the Union army with fugitive slaves. … Continue reading

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